Chief Scientist Office

CSO, part of the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates, supports and promotes high quality research aimed at improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of services offered by NHSScotland and securing lasting improvements to the health of the people of Scotland.

CSO supports research initiated by the research community in Scotland and advises the Scottish Government on how research contributes to improvements in health and healthcare. CSO’s research strategy “Investing in Research: Improving Health” sets out our aims for 2010-14 and features changes to give greater emphasis to funding experimental and translational medicine research and health services and health population research. We also aim to deliver value for money through partnerships with other funding agencies and to foster Scotland-wide working through Health Science Scotland.

This website contains information about all aspects of the work of CSO which encompasses awarding grants and fellowships, funding research units, supporting all research in NHSScotland through NRS (NHS Research Scotland), contributing to UK-wide research programmes managed by NETSCC, encouraging industry funded research and fostering a research culture in NHSScotland.